Frequently Asked Questions

What hours will Lark Hall operate?

Lark Hall is proposing the following hours of operation.  As anticipated, many of Lark Hall’s events will take place in the evenings during weekday evenings, in addition to Saturday evening.  We also anticipate that Lark Hall will be used as a wedding and event venue when permitted by state guidance, which may include Saturday and Sunday afternoon events that may be scheduled from time to time.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday: 12 noon to 11 p.m.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday: 12 noon to 2 a.m.

What is Lark Hall’s capacity?

Lark Hall anticipates receiving a maximum occupancy rating of approximately three-hundred (300) people with our first phase of construction and TCO, with an eventual increase to approximately four-hundred and fifty (450) following install a building-wide sprinkler system.

We do not expect to hold events nearing these capacities as a general rule, and with ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, we don’t expect to host any more than 100-150 people once allowed to do so.  Initial offerings will most likely be private events with occasional ticketed musical performances utilizing strict protocols once permitted.

How will Lark Hall handle security for events and to mitigate impact to the surrounding neighborhoods?

Lark Hall will utilize hired bonded and trained security to staff all ticketed performances, with a scaled number of security staff onsite based upon the number of expected patrons.

In addition to scaled security personnel within the building and at main doors to staff events, we will also have paid and volunteer ushers/hosts working both inside and outside the building to oversee patrons and assure safety and quality of life issues are controlled. 

The latter will include a “street team” assisting and guiding patrons to preferred parking areas and keeping foot traffic on Lark Street for any events expecting over 100 guests.  As part of these outside control factors, we will have strict policies with respect to outside queue lines and smoking – in essence, our strategy is to maintain all exterior patron assembly areas from our main entrance up to Lark Street to minimize neighborhood impacts to the greatest extent possible.

Lark Hall will be a strict “No Smoking” facility with limited if no permitted exiting during events or parties.

Where can I park? Should I even take my car to Lark Hall?

We are encouraging all patrons to utilize public transportation and ride sharing to the greatest extent possible. To the extent that patrons anticipate driving to the venue, we will strongly advise them to utilize existing parking lots:

(1)            The Trinity Church parking lot on Lark Street.

(2)            The parking lot located at 208 Washington Avenue, owned and operated by Albany County.

(3)            On-street parking in Washington Park, when available.

For major events at Lark Hall, a “street team” will be utilized to direct patrons to available parking. In addition, all promotional materials with ticketed events will include directions and relevant information about available parking.